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Chico Police Department

If you have an EMERGENCY call: 9 - 1 - 1

For in-progress incidents, call 9-1-1. For cold incidents (incidents that did not just occur and there is no immediate threat) where a weapon was used or you have suspect information, call (530) 895-4911.

For all other types of crime reporting, please use our Online Citizen Police Reports System to submit a crime report immediately and print a copy of the police report for free.

Click here to start CopLogic Online Report system.


GeoCast Web Press Release

Self-registration link: https://buttecounty.onthealert.com

Chico Police Department's Detective Bureau, which investigates crimes against children, would like you to explore the following website. You will find useful information and resources.

Predators are among us. Bullies exist at school and online, often anonymous. Be aware of your child's online activity and social media accounts (on the computer and their phones). Have these conversations with your children. Bad things do happen to good people.

NetSmartz offers free, multimedia Internet safety presentations tailored for specific audiences – parents and communities, tweens, teens, and younger children. Download any of these to share with your community, or watch the presentation for parents and communities online now.

Interim Chief Michael A. Dunbaugh



The Chico Police Department is a diverse organization of 127 full-time employees with over 100 uniformed police volunteers, explorers, chaplains and interns.  Our community role is to safeguard the lives and property of those we serve and to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. Through community partnership, we promise to work diligently every day to reduce the incidence of crime and improve the quality of life.  Our goal is to keep Chico safe and secure while performing this duty with honor, integrity and adherence to the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence.  I am honored to serve our community and lead your law enforcement professionals who watch over this extraordinary community.


A little about the City of Chico . . .

The City of Chico is known as a well managed Charter city that values quality infrastructure and services. Chico maintains a special sense of community and small town living as it has developed into a vibrant regional center for business, education, employment, medical care, recreation, and cultural activities.The city was founded in 1860 by General John Bidwell, and incorporated in 1872. With recent annexations, it has grown to just over 33 square miles in size. The population within the city limits is 88,389, but the unincorporated area immediately adjacent to the city makes the total Chico Urban Area population in excess of 106,000.

About the Department . . .

The Chico Police Department has its origins with the incorporation of the City in 1872. Chico did not have a police department, but it did have a Town Marshal and a few constables. Around 1910 the Marshal's Office was reorganized and became the Chico Police Department.The Police Department, like the Marshal's Office before it, conducted its affairs from "Old 1872," the original Town Hall located in the 300 block of Main Street. However, on January 30, 1912, the Police Department and City government, moved into the new municipal building built on the corner of W. 5th and Main Streets. The Police Department was located on the ground floor of the building and its jail was in the basement. The Department remained there until 1984 when it moved to its present location at 1460 Humboldt Road. The creation of the Chico Police Department and its functions are addressed in Chapter 2.28 of the Chico Municipal Code. With a primary function of preventing crime and maintaining law and order in the City by enforcing laws, the Chico Police Department' adheres to the standards for the recruitment and training of police officers and dispatchers as established by the California Commission of Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.)As a full service law enforcement agency, the Chico Police Department is currently authorized for 130 employees, 84 of which are sworn police officers (including vacancies and officers in training).The Chico Police Department is organized into two divisions, Operations and Support, under the Office of the Chief of Police. The department has several specialty units that are staffed by sworn and non-sworn personnel, which support the services provided by the department.

Our Mission

...we will be fair and consistent in the enforcement of the law, providing quality police services while maintaining trust, open communication and mutual respect within our Department and community.


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