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Specialized Units, Teams, & Assignments


Field Training Program

All new hires to the Police Deaprtment must successfully complete a structured field training program, which is presented by experienced field training officers (FTOs) who receive extra pay for their duties when they are training. There are four CSO and twelve police officers FTOs, a sergeant who has a collateral duty as the FTO supervisor and lieutenant who is the Operations Division FTO Manager in this program.

Use of Force Instructors

All police officers are required to maintain a level of competency with regard to the use of firearms, baton/nightsticks, and physical arrest techniques. A staff of Department trainers, who are all police officers with collateral duties as use of force instructors, insure that our personnel are properly trained in these areas.

Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs)

There are eight CSIs assigned in the Operations Division. One is assigned to each o fthe six major Patrol teams, and the other two as assigned as floaters. The CSIs receive extra pay for their assignment. They are responsible for the collection and preservation of evidence from major crime scenes, and may be subject to after hours callout for very serious cases.


Comprised of a commander (lieutenant), a team leader (sergeant), and assistant team leader (sergeant), ten officers and two medics (who are actually Chico Fire Department personnel), SWAT is our Dapartment's tactical emergency response team. Members receive no special compensation for this collateral assignment, and selection as a team member is based upon a competitive process followed by a psychological screening. With a responsibility for emergency response to barricaded suspect incidents, hostage incidents, high risk warrant services and other high risk incidents, the goal of the team is to manage and resolve critical incidents with a high degree of tactical precision and professionalism.

Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT)

HNT is commanded by a police lieutenant, who joined by eight team members. Teh team members are sworn and non-sworn personnel from thoughout the Department. Team members are specially trained to communicate with hostage takers, barricaded suspects, or other who may be in some sort of emotioinal distress and involved in a critical incident. The HNT is often called to duty to work with the SWAT Team. This is also an uncompensated collateral assignment, where team members are selected after a rigorous interview process.

Butte Interagency Bomb Squad

The Chico Police Department has one officer assigned to the county-wide interagency bomb disposal team. The primary responsibility of the team is to respond to all incidents where suspected explosive devices have been located. Team members use a variety of methods to examine, and then either disable or destroy the device.

K-9 Program

The Police Department has three police canine teams assigned to eht Patrol Section as members of patrol teams. The officers are selected following a competitive process, and are paid extra for providing care and maintenance for their dogs. The canines, which are German Shepherds that have been imported from Czechoslovakia and have received special training, live full-time with their assigned officers. The canines are used to enhance the capabilities of their partner officers by providing officer protection, apprehending suspects, conducting searches for suspects in buildings, and tracking suspects who have fled.

Color Guard

The Color Guard consists of a group of officers who assemble on an as-needed basis in a group of four to provide a ceremonial color guard for various special events.


Comprised of tem local ministers of all faiths who volunteer their time and take part in significant specialized training, the chaplains counsel and support employees, victims, and victim's families in times of crisis. They are on-call and available 24/7 for the Police Department, and have proven to be critical and essential members of the organization.


The corps of reserves is intended to supplement traditional police services with citizens who essentially volunteer to serve as police officers with limited peace officer powers. While authorized for many more, we currently only have one reserve officer. He provides regular support and assistance to the Police Department, which is greatly appreciated.


The Chico PD Explorer Post is comprised of approximately twenty young men and women between the ages of 14 and 20, who wish to explore a career in law enforcement. The Explorers participate in a number of training, competitive and fun activities, as well as provide assistance in the response to various police matters.

Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS)

Comprised of approximately 75 volunteer community members, all of whom have completed the Department's Citizen Police Academy, the VIPS provide critical ongoing support to the Police Department in a number of areas.