Fees & Forms

Community Development Fees

The Planning Fee Schedule contains those charges assessed at the time an application is filed with the City, or which may be assessed during the processing of an application. The fee schedule sets forth those applications for which a deposit is required and those for which a flat fee is imposed. Deposits are required for those applications for which it is difficult to estimate actual processing costs. For these projects, the applicant is required to pay all costs incurred by the City in processing the application, and may result in either additional charges or a refund to the applicant. Filing fees are required for routine applications in which processing costs have been estimated. The filing fee is assumed to cover all processing costs, and no adjustments will be made except in those cases where extraordinary circumstances exist.

Planning Fees Brochure, effective August 5, 2018.

Please contact Community Development at (530) 879-6800, email zoning@chicoca.gov, if you need assistance.

Community Development Application Forms

Community Development application forms are also available at the Second Floor public counter in the Municipal Center at 411 Main Street. Click on the links below to access the electronic applications.