2030 General Plan 5-Year Review

The Five-Year General Plan Review marks the five-year anniversary of the Chico 2030 General Plan adoption in April 2011. The purpose of the Review is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the Plan. It’s an opportunity to answer the question – “How are we doing?” The Review assesses growth trends and analyzes the effectiveness of the General Plan’s policy framework through the first five years of Plan implementation. It assesses land availability, forecasts opportunities and challenges in the upcoming five years, and summarizes major City efforts.
The General Plan also calls for development of indicators to gauge progress in advancing its sustainability-related policies and goals. The Sustainability Indicators Report is provided along with the Review to provide a comprehensive overview of the General Plan’s performance.
As part of the Five-Year Review process, staff has identified: 1) text amendments to the Chico 2030 General Plan, 2) amendments to land use designations and zoning of various properties, and 3) amendments to Title 19 of the Chico Municipal Code.

Five-Year Review Staff Report


Current General Plan


Title 19 of the Chico Municipal Code