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Comanche Creek Stakeholder Workshop Held on Nov. 5, 2009

The Southwest Neighborhood Creeks, Parks & Open Space Action Group held a workshop to draw more stakeholders into the discussions regarding potential future public uses on publicly owned property along Comanche Creek. The purpose of the workshop was to increase awareness and understanding of the range of future public uses envisioned by various stakeholder groups. The workshop was facilitated using the Jigsaw Approach and was led by retired Chico educator Nancy Ostrom.

Participants circulated among stakeholder tables covered with butcher paper and wrote down pertinent concerns, ideas, opinions, problems or solutions. Stakeholder groups then discussed and selected the top three priorities. Participants then went to round "jigsaw" tables, with each jigsaw tablehaving one representative from each stakeholder group for a total of six participants. Each participant then had uninterrupted time to share and articulate the priority items form their stakeholder group to the integrated group. The integrated groups then discussed the items working to identify intersection of ideas, potential problems, or possible solutions. Following this, participants reconvened as a group for a debrief including discussion and Q&A.

Workshop Output

Stakeholder Group Top Priorities


Stakeholder Table Notes

Cyclists/Alternative Modes Table Notes

Employers/Employees Table Notes

Environmentalists Tables Notes

Landowners/Developers Table Notes

Neighborhood Residents Table Notes

Schools/Youth Table Notes


Map of Comanche Creek Area

Aerial Photo of Comanche Creek Area (Large file)

Aerial Photo of South Chico Area (Large file)

Comanche Creek Vegetation Management Plan (Large file)