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965 Fir Street

PO Box 3420

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For more information regarding City parks and street trees, call (530) 896-7800 or email Park Info.

Bidwell Park Trail/Road/ Disc Golf Closure Hotline:

(530) 896-7899.


Unless otherwise indicated, "CLOSED" pertains to vehicles, equestrians, and bicyclists. Pedestrian use is okay.




All trails, except Guardian between Bloody Pin and South Rim/Annie B Trail Junction: OPEN

  • Guardian between Bloody Pin and South Rim/Annie B, Trail Junction: CLOSED DUE TO FIRE DAMAGE.
  • Upper Park Road/Gate at Horseshoe Lake (Lot E):
  • OPEN

    Regular Hours:

    Tue-Sat 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM

    (CLOSED Sun. and Mon.) .

  • Diversion Dam Gate:

  • Five Mile Recreation Area
  • OPEN

  • One Mile Recreation AreaOPEN
  • Sycamore Pool
  • OPEN

  • Caper Acres:

    REGULAR HOURS: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, closed on Mondays unless a holiday. CLOSED DUE TO COVID-19

  • City Plaza Fountain: OFF DUE TO COVID-19
  • The fountain is daily from 12:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. subject to close for repairs or weather.

    For more information about trail closures, see wet weather plan below, check the road conditions hotline at (530) 896-7899, or call (530) 896-7800 (Mon-Fri 8-5 pm).

    Adaptive Wet Weather Trail Management Plan (Revised 2013)

    Link to Today’s Precipitation Amounts

    Click: here


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email the Commission.

Bidwell Park

A California Park and Recreation Society 2013 Regional Treasure

Click here for a video slideshow of the Park

Bidwell Park was established July 20, 1905 through the donation by Annie Bidwell of approximately 2,500 acres of land to the City of Chico. Since that time, the City has purchased additional land, such as Cedar Grove in 1922, and 1,200 acres of land south of Big Chico Creek in Upper Park in 1995. Today, the total Park size is 3,670 acres (nearly 11 miles in length), making it one of the largest municipal parks in the United States.

Bidwell Park is "divided" by Manzanita Avenue. The area west of Manzanita Avenue is referred to as Lower Park and the area to the east is referred to as Middle and Upper Park. The noticeable difference between Lower, Middle and Upper is the terrain. Upper Park is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It has steep terrain and contains many rock formations, including the unique Chico Formation sandstone and Lovejoy Basalt rocks. Lower Park is flat and level with a thick canopy of trees which provide ample shade for the visitor. Click here for Images of Bidwell Park.

North Valley Community Donation Fund

We truly appreciate your volunteer time and donation funds! Supporters can now make year round donations to the Park and Greenways thru the North Valley Community Foundation.

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Caper Acres Master Plan - The City is seeking public comments on the plan to renovate Caper Acres (click on link above). Please forward your comments by email, or by phone at 896-7801.

Education and Information Center

The Chico Creek Nature Center's commitment to Bidwell Park education began in the mid-seventies and continues today through its environmental education for all ages, exhibits, wildlife walks and activities. In partnership with the City of Chico's Park Division of the General Services Department, the Center serves as the official information and education center for Bidwell Park, serving the public at large and regional school children. CCNC is located at 1968 E. Eighth Street (next to Cedar Grove). For more information and Center hours, check out their webpage at

Bidwell Park


Bidwell Park caters to many recreational past times.

For those interested in swimming, the Sycamore Pool, located at the One-Mile Recreation Area, is an uncommon swimming experience, being a concrete pool built around Big Chico Creek. Lifeguards are on duty from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend each year at the pool.

When swimming in Big Chico Creek, be sure to use caution. Water which may appear to be shallow and/or slow moving can actually be swift and powerful. Don't be a victim! Stay in areas where there is no white water. When possible, swim with friends. Also, as with all other activities, bring enough drinking water to stay hydrated.

Star Gazing

Bidwell Park is home to the Chico Community Observatory dedicated to the memory of Anita Ingrao. Anita passed away in 2014, and inspired docents and visitors while exploring the universe from Bidwell Park. The Observatory is located near Horseshoe Lake and is open weather permitting Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. The Observatory provides access to the universe through its telescopes for the enjoyment and education of the youth of this community and of the world. For more information and Observatory hours, check out their Facebook page at or call (530) 487-4071.

Disc Golf

Peregrine Point is an 18-hole advanced disc golf course

located in Upper Bidwell Park, with access off Hwy 32

roughly 3 miles east of Chico).  The site has stunning views of Chico’s Iron Canyon and play occurs in Blue Oak Woodlands spanning areas of lava cap.  Peregrine Point is equipped with concrete tee pads and basket style targets.  Visit the disc golf page at peregrine-point-bidwell-park for maps, directions, and places to play during wet weather.  It is recommended that beginners try out Sherwood Forest at Hooker Oak in Middle Bidwell Park before venturing to Peregrine Point.


Hiking in Bidwell Park is a perfect way to spend a day. All trails in Bidwell Park are open to pedestrians. The pedestrian-only Yahi Trail in Upper Park is a recommended visit. Yahi Trail offers the hiker miles of scenic views along Big Chico Creek. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and to bring plenty of drinking water.


Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is yet another common past time in the Park. Because Park trails are mostly multi-use, there are abundant riding opportunities for equestrians. Basic equestrian rules are:

  • no horses on Middle and Upper Park trails when closed due to wet conditions
  • no riding on Yahi Trail (a pedestrian only trail)
  • keep horses 100 feet away from established picnic areas
  • cross the creek only at established and signed horse crossings

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the most common activities that takes place in Bidwell Park. There are miles upon miles of trails to ride on. Some of the basic bike rules are:

  • no riding on Yahi Trail (a pedestrian only trail)
  • no bikes on Middle and Upper Park trails when closed due to wet conditions
  • helmets must be worn by people of all ages when riding off of pavement in Middle and Upper Park

To further ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time, bring plenty of drinking water and a tire patch kit.


Flying in the park offers beautiful views and great soaring opportunities.  Launching is allowed from designated locations along the North Rim and the flying is best with a south wind (5 - 15 mph), typically from March through October. Check out the Bidwell Park Fliers' website for more information on qualifications, rules, permits and guidelines for flying in the Park. For more information contact Jon Stallman, who is the site administrator.  Contact Jon (cell phone: 530.864.5110 or home phone: 530.809.1081) to arrange a site intro prior to flying. Click here for Paragliding Rules and Guidelines for Bidwell Park flight

Permits must be signed in the Public Works Department - Parks Division at 965 Fir Street (open Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm).