Fire Engines infront of City Hall

The Department operates some of the most modern emergency apparatus in northern California.

Humbolt Training Burn

Both volunteer and full-time firefighters participate in live-fire training burns. Firefighters learn invaluable skills and techniques during these drills.

Airport Rescue Training

Firefighters attend training for airport rescues and firefighting skills. This is only one of the many rigorous training programs in which Chico Fire Department personnel participate.

Volunteer Fire Fighter Training

Volunteer Firefighter applicants must perform a series of physical agility tests before qualifying to be volunteer firefighters with Company 1.

About Us

City of Chico Fire-Rescue, under the command of Fire Chief Steve Standridge, has 59 full-time personnel, 57 of which are uniformed. There are currently 8 active volunteer firefighters in the department.

The Department operates four fire stations, a Fire Training Center and over 30 pieces of the most modern emergency apparatus in northern California. A population of 92,464 people in a 33 square mile area are served by the Department. The Department provides first response to emergencies in the surrounding unincorporated area through the Chico Urban Area Fire and Rescue Agreement.

Chico Fire-Rescue fields specialized teams for technical rescues, drowning accidents, and hazardous materials response. Paramedics support these teams and serve on the Police SWAT Team.

The Department maintains a Fire Prevention Division led by the Fire Chief and the Fire Marshal and staffed with Fire Inspectors. The Division provides fire protection engineering services, Fire Code enforcement, Life Safety education programs, and determines origin and cause of fires. The Division is often supported by university interns and fire prevention volunteers.

All firefighters are comprehensively and vigorously trained. Certification is achieved through universities, the California State Board of Fire Services, NorCal Emergency Medical Services, Inc., the California Specialized Training Institute, the National Fire Academy, Federal Aviation Administration, and others.

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