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Finance Fee Schedule

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Bicycle Licenses

To apply for Bicycle Registration or a License on-line,

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New License

A bicycle license may be obtained by applying on-line (click here). In addition to the owners name, address and phone, the following information is required:

Serial Number

Bicycle Manufacturer




Wheel size (located on the tire)

Frame size (measure from center of crank to center of where the seat post goes into the frame)

Please refer to the Finance Fee Schedule for current fees.


Transfer of Ownership

Upon the sale or other disposition of the bicycle, the owner is required to sign the registration certificate as the seller and write in the date of the transfer. The person purchasing or otherwise acquiring the bicycle shall within 10 days of taking possession, deliver the completed certificate to the City of Chico Finance Department and apply for the transfer of license to his or her name. If the new owner wishes to register the bicycle without the transfer paperwork, a new license must be purchased.

If you have questions about registering or licensing your bicycle, call the Finance Office at (530) 879-7320.