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Current Capital Projects:

Budget Message

The City’s Capital Improvements Projects program is continuing its aggressive efforts to keep up with the needs of our growing community. It is worth noting that none of the funding for these projects comes from the General Fund. Capital Projects are funded by a variety of developer impact fees, State and Federal grant funds, and the State’s gasoline tax. Nevertheless, a softening economy and budget difficulties at all levels of government make it critical that costs are carefully contained and benefits are clearly demonstrated.

Guynn Avenue Bridge over Lindo Channel-Bridge Replacement Project

The City of Chico has obtained funding to replace the structurally deficient and functionally obsolete Guynn Avenue Bridge over Lindo Channel. Please click here for more information Guynn Avenue Bridge Replacement Project

SE Trunk Sewer Project 17-A

The proposed project consists of the installation of approximately 4,450 linear feet of 27-inch diameter sanitary trunk sewer along an abandoned railroad grade from the Midway westerly to Estes Road. Please click here for more information SE Trunk Sewer Project 17-A

Comanche Creek Greenway Improvement Project

The Comanche Creek Greenway Improvement Project Phase 2 will construct a Class 1 bikeway gap closure on an abandoned railroad grade, connecting the regional Chico-Durham bike path at the Midway to the recently completed Phase 1 pedestrian/bike bridge over Comanche Creek. Please click here for more information Comanche Creek Greenway Improvement Project

East 10th Street Storm Drainage Project

The East 10th Street Storm Drainage Project will install drainage improvements along East 10th Street from State Route 99 to Linden Street, and on Sycamore and Poplar Streets, from 9th Street to Humboldt Avenue. Please click here for more information E 10th St Storm Drain

Walnut Street Road Diet

The Walnut Street Road Diet project proposes various safety improvements to Walnut Street from West First to West Ninth Streets. Please click here for more information Walnut Street Road Diet

Annual Road Rehabilitation Project

The work, in general, consists of performing three types of road rehabilitation treatments including 3" HMA Grind and Inlay, Chip Seal, and Micro-surface (type II), removing miscellaneous concrete, constructing ADA compliant pedestrian ramps, and placing thermoplastic striping. Please click here for more information and locations Annual Road Rehabilitation

State Route 32 Widening

The widening of State Route 32 from State Route 99 eastward to Yosemite Drive will generally widen State Route 32 from 2 to 4 lanes. The project will be constructed in phases to align with available funding. For more information, please click here SR 32 Widening

State Route 99 Corridor Bikeway Project

The City proposes to construct an approximately 6.7-mile long contiguous bicycle facilities project generally paralleling the State Route 99 corridor that will be developed in several phases. For more information and to view environmental documents please click here: Bikeway99

Nitrate Compliance Program

The Nitrate Compliance projects provide sewer service so that property owners will be able to comply with the Prohibition Order issued by the Regional Water Quality Control Board. The Order prohibits most property owners in the Chico Urban Area from using their septic systems to discharge into the ground water. More information is available at Chico Nitrate Compliance

Proposed Future Capital Projects:

Esplanade Corridor Improvement Study

The Engineering Division has commenced a study to review potential transportation and traffic safety improvements to the Esplanade between Memorial Way and 11th Avenue. The study will seek to address traffic safety and operational concerns, enhance the corridor with complete street features, provide more facilities and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians while keeping the integrity of the "Boulevard" design, community character, and still maintaining traffic flow. Please visit Esplanade Corridor Improvement Study for more information.

Southgate Avenue Interchange

The City of Chico is currently underway with planning efforts for the State Route 99/Southgate Avenue Interchange and Corridor Study.  The purpose of the study is to identify and evaluate alternative designs for both an interchange and corridor improvements that may be carried into the design and environmental approval phase.  For more information, please visit the following link: Southgate Interchange


Cohasset Road Reconstruction, Phase 3

This project will complete the improvements programmed for Cohasset Road from the Sycamore Creek Bridge to Ryan Avenue in the vicinity of the Chico Municipal Airport. Sycamore Creek is located just east of Eaton Road. Phases 1 and 2 of the project were completed in 2009 and 2008 respectively and included rehabilitating the roadway from Airpark Boulevard to Ryan Avenue, and reconstruction of the Sheep Hollow Bridge and its approaches in the vicinity of the City's compost yard. Phase 3 will widen and improve Cohasset Road from two to four lanes from the Sycamore Creek Bridge to Airpark Boulevard and include intersection and bike path lighting as well as bike path, drainage and landscaping improvements.

East 20th Street Corridor Analysis

As part of ongoing regional transportation planning, the City is in the process of analyzing and evaluating the long-term roadway alternatives for the East 20th Street corridor. The intent is to determine the need of corridor enhancements and to present alternative mitigation measures to address existing circulation and congestion issues and future transportation needs. The analysis was completed with focus on balancing mobility and access for all users, including driver, pedestrians, bicyclist and transit users. Environmental review and related documents have not been completed at this time. A copy of the analysis is available here.

To date, the City has meet with various business owners along the corridor, including Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (6/30/11), business owners located on Business Lane (7/13/11), Village Center (2/2/12) and the Chico Mall (on-going).

Available Documents:

Draft 20th Street Circulation Study (10/18/11)

Power point Presentation on 20th Street Circulation Study (2/16/12)

Case Study on roundabouts in the City of Golden, Colorado

Power point Presentation on roundabouts in the City of Golden, Colorado

Please contact the City's Capital Project Services Department at 879-6900 for more information on these projects.