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SE Trunk Sewer Project 17-A

The proposed project includes the installation of approximately 4,450 linear feet of 27-inch diameter sanitary sewer trunk line along an abandoned railroad grade from the Midway/Hegan Lane intersection northwesterly to Estes Road. The new gravity sewer line will cross beneath Comanche Creek and connect to an existing 33-inch sewer trunk line at Estes Road. Open trench depths will range from 10-15 feet. An inverted siphon will be installed below Comanche Creek, utilizing trenchless boring techniques to avoid impacts to jurisdictional waters. Boring depths will be approximately 10 feet below the creek bed. Launching and receiving pits will be excavated on either side of the creek channel to accommodate the bore equipment. The trunk line is proposed to be installed along the center of the railroad grade, where possible, to minimize impacts to existing trees. There are no permanent above ground structures associated with the project. Minor utility relocations will be necessary to accommodate the new sewer infrastructure. The project, included in the Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Update (2013), is required to service the future development anticipated in southeastern Chico, as identified in the Chico 2030 General Plan (adopted April 2011 and amended March 2017) and analyzed in the General Plan Environmental Impact Report (GPEIR) (SCH # 2008122038).

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Mitigated Negative Declaration and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program

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Appendix A - Biological Resource Assessment Letter

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Appendix D - Comanche Creek Delineation Determination

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