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City Standard Plans and Specification Details (CMC 18R.12)

The design criteria set forth herein are provided for the purpose of insuring that subdivision and non subdivision public right-of-way and private street improvements constructed within the city are designed in such a manner that each meets or exceeds uniform levels of sound engineering practice and that the individual elements contained therein have a uniform level of development with no single element over designed to the detriment of another.

18R.12.020   Standard plans

The following plans, copies of which are incorporated into this section, are hereby adopted as the Standard Plans of the City of Chico.

S-1      P.C.C. Sidewalk Details   

S-2      P.C.C. Curb and Gutter   

S-2A    Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk Installation at Trees   

S-3      Existing Curb and/or Gutter Replacement Details   

S-4      Deleted   

S-5      Residential Driveway Approach   

S-5A    Commercial Driveway Approach   

S-5B    Curb, Gutter & Driveway Details   

S-5C    Curbed Driveway Entrance   

S-6      Storm Drain Headwall   

S-7      36" Drop Inlet (Caltrans “G-O”) & Grate Detail (Sht. 1 & 2)   

S-7A    Flat Grate Inlet (Caltrans “G-I”)   

S-8      Deleted   

S-9      Deleted   

S-10    Storm Drain and Sanitary Sewer Manhole   

S-11    Drop Manhole   

S-12    Approved Methods of Laying Pipe   

S-12A   Pipe Crossing Cradle   

S-12M   Modified Concrete Cradle   

S-13      Typical Method for Setting Appurtenances   

S-14      Bolt Down Manhole Frame & Cover Details   

S-14A    Repealed   

S-15      Flushing Hole - Cast Iron Frame and Cover   

S-16      Street Name Sign Details   

S-17      Typical Details of Pavement Replacement   

S-18A    Typical Cross-Section - Streets (2 plans)   

S-18B    Typical Cul-De-Sac   

S-18D    Improvement of Existing Street (2 plans)   

S-18E    Typical Cross-Section - Other Public Ways   

S-18F    Typical Cross-Section - Private Streets   

S-19      Alley Pavement   

S-20      City Monuments, Construction & Location   

S-21      Street Barricades   

S-26      Flat Grate Inlet   

S-27      P.C.C. Handicapped Ramp  

S-27A      P.C.C. Handicapped Ramp   

S-28      Bus Turnout   

S-35      Bicycle Barrier Post   

SL-1      Street Lights (11 plans)  

LS-1      Fifteen Gallon Tree Planting Detail (2 plans)   

LS-2      Fifteen Gallon Tree Planting Detail with Stamped Concrete  

LS-3      Containerized Shrub Planting Detail   

LS-4      Ground Cover Planting Detail   

LS-5      Header Detail (2 plans)   

LS-6      Deleted   

LS-7      Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer  

LS-8      Remote Control Valve (2 plans)  

LS-9      Remote Control Valve in Paving (Non Vehicular)  

LS-10    Quick Coupling Valve   

LS-11    Tru-Union Ball Valve  

LS-12    Controller Enclosure with Fan   

LS-13     Controller Service Pull Box   

LS-14     Trenching Detail (3 plans)   

LS-15     Typical Thrust Block Details for Ring-Tite and Solvent Weld Pipe   

LS-16     Impact Riser with Swing Joint  

LS-17     Sprinkler/Bubbler Pop-Up   

LS-18     Turf Impact Rotor with Swing Joint   

LS-19     Subterranean Drip Spacing   

LS-20     Subterranean Dripline Layout   

LS-21     Dripline Flushing Valve   

LS-22     Air/Vacuum Relief Valve  

LS-23     Dripline Layout for Trees  

LS-24     Sight Distance Clearance at Non-Signalized Intersections   

LS-25     Tree and Pavement Layout in Median Island   

LS-26     Stamped Concrete Bullnose and Mow Band  

LS-27     Metered Electrical Service Enclosure (2 plans)

18R.12.030 Standard plans - TND zoning district.

The following plans, copies of which are incorporated into this section, are hereby adopted as the Standard Plans of the city of Chico for use in the TND zoning district These plans shall not be used for any improvements constructed outside of the TND zoning district.   

TN-1         High Capacity Boulevard with Frontage Lanes   

TN-2         Boulevard with Frontage Lanes   

TN-3         Boulevard   

TN-4         36' Avenue   

TN-5         32' Interior Street   

TN-6         27' Interior Street   

TN-7         27" Drive at Greenway   

TN-8         26' Interior Street (One Way)   

TN-9         19' Interior Street (One Way)   

TN-10       19' Interior Street (One Way on Neighborhood Green)   

TN-11        Alley Commercial   

TN-12        Alley   

TN-13        Typical Plan View Neighborhood General Alley   

TN-14         Pedestrian Passage   

TN-15         Mid-block Passage   

TN-16         Street - Existing Modified Arterial Intersection on Network   

TN-17         Street - Existing Arterial Intersection on Network   

TN-18         Boulevard - Avenue Intersection on Network   

TN-19         Avenue - Street Intersection on Network   

TN-20         Street - “T” Intersection off Network   

TN-21         Street - Alley Intersection off Network   

TN-22         Sidewalk Details: Planter and Tree Grate Options