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What to Wear While Biking

It makes sense to wear something brightly colored when youíre biking. Choose a color that makes you easy to see. If youíre biking in the foret, don't wear green!

Fluorescent green, yellow or orange are all great choices. If youíre wearing these colors, other bikers, motorists and pedestrians will be able to see you better.

Look for fabrics that are cool and lightweight. (You can really work up a sweat biking!) If itís cool outside, dress in layers. You can peel off clothing as you start to get warmer.

For riding at night youíll need clothing with retro-reflective materials sewn onto it. According to the California Vehicle Code (CVC), "Bicycles must be equipped with a white headlamp, attached to the bicycle or your body, visible from 300 feet to the front and from the sides. Reflectors are also required; a red rear reflector as well as white or yellow reflectors on front and back of each pedal. White or yellow reflectors on each side forward of center of bike, and red or white reflectors on each side rear of center - usually mounted on wheel spokes (If you have reflectorized tires in front and rear, you do not need side reflectors)."

Make sure the straps of your book bag, loose clothing or anything else isnít going to catch in the wheels of the bike, and cause you to lose control.

A person under 18 years of age cannot operate a bicycle or ride as a passenger without a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet that meets the standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or the SNELL Standards for Protective Headgear. forest, donít wear green!

What NOT to Wear While Biking

  • Headphones are a no-no! You wonít be able to hear whatís going on around you.
  • Clothing thatís too loose.
  • Inappropriate shoes. (High-heels, Slippers, Open Toe Shoes)
  • Dark Clothes