Downtown Parking

The City of Chico maintains downtown parking lots and parking meters for the convenience of the general public that visit the downtown retail area. By managing the availability of parking spaces, the Downtown Business District can sustain economic viability by allowing customers to park conveniently.

The City has more than 2,000 parking spaces in the Downtown Business District. Within this area of 40 blocks, First Street to Ninth Street, and Flume Street to Normal Avenue, about 80% of the parking spaces are controlled by parking meters. Of the 2,000 parking spaces, 1250 are on-street spaces and 750 are located in six different parking lots.

Parking availability differs from block to block. Generally, peak hour parking availability in the City core (between 1st Street and 4th Street) is about 73% occupied. South of the core area, from 4th Street to 9th Street, more spaces are available with about 43% of spaces occupied. Off peak hour percentages are lower.

Several options exist. Firstly, the six parking lots are all within easy walking distance to downtown shopping, restaurants, and businesses. Secondly, on-street metered parking creates an opportunity to get even closer to your targeted establishment. And lastly, there are a limited amount of non-metered parking spaces on the perimeter of the Downtown Business District.

Please click here for a map of 10 hour metered parking spaces in downtown Chico - 10 Hour Parking

Lot 1 169 spaces Flume St. & 2nd St.
Lot 2 33 spaces 1st St. & Salem St.
Lot 3 266 spaces 4th St. & Salem St.
Lot 4 54 spaces 5th St. & Salem St.
Lot 5 182 spaces 1st St. & Wall St.
Lot 6 Removed Boys & Girls Club
Lot 7 86 spaces 2nd St. & Salem St