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City Contact Information

Solid Waste/Recycling Information, (530) 896-7220

Linda Herman
Park & Natural Resources Manager

Public Works Department
965 Fir Street (physical address)
P.O. Box 3420 (Mailing address)
Chico CA  92927
Phone: (530) 896-7241

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Due to COVID-19, the Compost facility located at 4441 Cohasset Road will be closing to the public starting on March 21, 2020 until further notice. The Neal Road Landfill will remain open for your yardwaste recycling needs. Curbside yardwaste collections will also continue as normal.

Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Franchise Services

Effective on 10/1/17, North Valley Waste Management was issued a Franchise to provide Resididential solid waste and recycling services within the Chico City limits. See below for a copy of the Residential Franchise Agreement and current rates:

Waste Management Residential Franchise Agreement

Current Residential Rates (Effective on 7/1/19)

Franchises for Commercial solid waste and recycling services were also issued to both Recology Butte Colusa Counties and Waste Management in designated zones (see map below). The commercial rates are established by the City and are the same for both companies.

Commercial Franchise Zone Maps

Recology Commercial Franchise Agreement

Waste Management Commercial Franchise Agreement

Current Commercial Rates (Effective on 7/1/19)

Mandatory Commercial Recycling

California state law (AB 341)  mandates recycling for all businesses that generate four (4) or more cubic yards of solid waste per week and multifamily dwellings of five (5) units or more. The purposes of this new law is to reduce greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions by diverting commercial solid waste from landfills, and to expand recycling opportunities in California.

A business (including public entities) that generates four cubic yards, or more, of commercial solid waste per week, or is a multifamily residential dwelling of five (5) units or more, shall arrange for recycling services by July 1, 2012. Businesses can take one, or any combination of, the following in order to reduce, reuse, recycle, compost or otherwise divert solid waste from disposal:

  • Self-haul recyclables to a recycling facility.
  • Subscribe for recycling services from one of the two City permitted waste haulers, North Valley Waste Management or Recology Butte Colusa Counties.
  • Arrange for the pickup of therecyclable materials by a non-profit or another entity, provided that there is no charge for this pickup service.

Click here for more information regarding the Mandatory Commercial Recycling requirements.

Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling

In October of 2014 Governor Brown signed AB1826 Chesbro, requiring businesses to recycle their organic waste on and after April 1, 2016, depending on the amount of waste they generate per week. Organic waste means food waste, green waste, landscape and pruning waste, nonhazardous wood waste, and food-soiled paper waste that is mixed in with food waste

The law phases in the requirements on businesses, including multifamily residential dwellings that consist of five or more units,* over time based on the amount and type of waste the business produces on a weekly basis, with full implementation realized in 2019. The implementation schedule is as follows:

  • January 1, 2017: Businesses that generate four (4) cubic yards of organic waste per week shall arrange for organic waste recycling services.
  • January 1, 2019: Businesses that generate four cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste per week shall arrange for organic waste recycling services.
  • Summer/Fall 2021: If CalRecycle determines that the statewide disposal of organic waste in 2020 has not been reduced by 50 percent of the level of disposal during 2014, the organic recycling requirements on businesses will expand to cover businesses that generate two (2) cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste per week.

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