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Air Service Attraction Efforts

There currently is no commercial air service from Chico Municipal Airport. The City of Chico, along with several community groups and individuals who are aware of the value of commerical air service to our community, are making every effort to ensure that Chico is once again served by a commercial air carrier. One of these organizations is Jet Chico, a non-profit private-public collaboration with the goal of bringing reliable, convenient and efficient commercial jet service to Chico. If you have questions or would like to get involved please visit their website at JetChico.org.


Airport Access and Driver Training

Everyone requesting authorization to access the Chico Municipal Airport Operations Area (AOA) must: (1) complete an Airport Operations Area (AOA) Access Request form; (2) complete the Airport Driver Training Program and written test; and (3) meet at least one of the following criteria:

    1. Hold an airport lease, operating agreement or use permit;
    2. Be an employee, associate or relative or an authorized airport business or tenant;
    3. Be an active flight student, aircraft renter or member of a flying club; or
    4. Be authorized by the Airport Manager.

Click here for the Airport Access Card Application Form and here for the Driver Training Program Study Guides and Written Test.

After you have completed and printed the Application Form and Written Driving Test please contact the Human Resources Department at (530) 879-7900 to make an appointment to complete the gate access card process.


Airport Property Available for Lease

Chico Municipal Airport has unimproved airport properties available for aviation businesses. Contact Management Analyst Debbie Collins at (530) 896-7216 or by email at Debbie.Collins@chicoca.gov.


Chico Air Museum

North Valley Aviation Association